VPN is  virtual private network. It is used for hide our presence in the internet accessing or surfing the web. VPN changes our location while surfing web virtually. It is generally used to access restricted content on our region. VPN is widely use so that the web we are accessing is loaded fast.

How does it helps to load webpage fast?

We can load website fast by using VPN of the server which is nearby the server where the website is hosted. If I live in Nepal and I need to access a website hosted on American server. If I use default network to access the website due to latency the page loads late. But if we use VPN of  server situated in America the page loads faster than that of before.

Is using VPN illegal?

No, using VPN is not illegal but doing illegal activities using VPN is illegal and is traceable. If you committee any crime using VPN it is illegal but  using VPN just for surfing browsing and accessing is not illegal.

Why  should we use VPN?

We should use VPN for privacy purposes. It helps us to hide our physical location and doesn’t let other track us and force us to view contents  according to browsing history of our location. It helps us to improve latency between servers.

Using VPN while gaming

If we use VPN while gaming it is not sure that it will give you better ping. It depends upon the VPN server. If I am playing PUBG MOBILE and using VPN of the server in America and paying in Asia server in game we will receive high ping. Instead of using American server VPN if we use VPN server of India or Indonesia  we will receive better ping.
Basically what you have to know about  VPN is that it gives you speed, reliability,  better ping and latency, privacy and security.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Free VPN is a open source VPN and is accessible by every on on publicly. It is often herd that free VPN service provider sells users information to gain profit and in some extend it is true. Free VPN may be used by thousands of peoples at  once or there may be no other user on the same server you are using. But paid VPN is what protect your privacy. It gives same standard of bandwidth as the user have subscribed to their plans. It is fast secure and more reliable.

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