WordPress is the most popular  platform for publishing your blog and website. Getting started with WordPress is very easy. It can be directly be hosted on your server with database or you can get it from wordpress.com as you like. We prefer to host WordPress on our own server or hosting we buy. To get started with WordPress you need a hosting ( free or paid). Along with hosting you need a domain name you want to use with your blog or website.


Firstly you need to get a name for your blog or website and keep it similar to the contents you are publishing on your blog or website. If you have a tech blog or website related to iOS then keep your website name related to iOS. Now secondly get a domain for your site and it should match with site title for better SEO performance. Now you will need a hosting to run your website or blog on it. Always remember to get lowest possible specs and  price hosting at first. You can increase it’s capacity along with increase in number of visitors. Your hosting should provide a reliable speed for the website to load at users end.

Most of the hosting provides cPanel with it so, I will guide how to setup WordPress through cPanel.

Step 1: Log into your cPanel using credentials provided from hosting.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and you will see WordPress there, Click on it.

Step 3: Now enter fill up the details and don’t worry about the database it will be automatically created.

Step 4: Go to your website URL.

After completing this process you will successfully run a blog or website using WordPress.

Now, go to website.com/login and enter your details you provided to login. After this you are ready to use WordPress dashboard. WordPress dashboard is the control center of your website or blog. You can control every thing inside of you blog from here. You can change theme of your website so that it looks good for user to  use. While posting articles you post contents on post by creating new. In pages you create pages for your blog and website.

Installing plugin is easy as hell in WordPress, what you have to de is find the plugin and click install and activate it. Some of the important plugin is already install, so that it is easy for us to use WordPress.

Now you just need to get time to learn to use it and post quality contents.

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