How to download PUBG MOBILE KR on IOS ( iPhone and iPad )

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Before digging in with the procedure always remember that you this version may not be favorable for your region. You should give priority to the version supported on your region.

It’s really easier than you thought to download PUBG MOBILE KR version in IOS devices (iPhone/iPad). All you need to do is change your Country/Region to any city of Korea (like Busan) and enter some of the info (like postcode) in your Account section of your App store. And with next reload you will be able to get the apps and games exclusive to Korea and obviously the PUBG Korean version.

Why Korean version of PUBG?

The main reason why many of us play PUBG MOBILE KR because it offers better rewards. Whether it be login/sign-in events or other exclusive events and crates, PUBG MOBILE KR version provides much more better rewards in comparison to Global version of PUBG. It brings offers for upgradable skins for more cheaper prices and for gives the item surely.

The Korean version of the game also features more skins and outfits, which can be easily obtained from the crates. PUBG Kr has a different currency (Donkatsu Medal) which can be earned quickly by completing in game activities and collecting daily login reward, so players get to open more crates without spending money.

With all these crates and rewards you also get to play some country specific events exclusive to Korea only and get exclusive items from it. PUBG Kr is really rich in items, skins and outfits in comparison to Global version and You can also play it by getting matched with your friends who are playing from Global version of PUBG. So, you will have more cool skins and outfit than other global version players without spending any money.

So now, let’s see how to download the KR version of PUBG MOBILE in following steps:

Step 1: Open your Appstore and click on your account icon.

Step 2: Click on Country/Region.

Step 3: Change the Country to Korea and press agree to terms and condition.

Step 4: Set payment method to none and enter your surname and First name in the required box.

Step 5: Enter the given information as shown below and press next. Then press done.

Step 6: Now Search for PUBG mobile and you will be able to download PUBG Mobile.

Step 7: wait for its installation

Now finally you can play Korean version of PUBG mobile Kr in your IOS devices (I phone/I Pad). Enjoy and outshine the game by playing with cool and exclusive skins and outfit in PUBG MOBILE KR.

Always remember that we are not promoting use of PUBG MOBILE KR in another region than it is released. Try on your risks and some day it my not work in other region’s and all the purchased items may go in vain. Use on your own risk and consent of security. We are not liable for any kind of misfortune.

Hope this post was helpful to you all. We will keep bringing more posts like this in coming days. Please share support and keep being engaged.



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