Stock Market of Nepal for beginners(understanding and getting started)

The basic idea to earn profit from share market is to buy the share that has the probability of increase in price and sell that share when ypu think its price is high.

Investors in Nepali Stock market is rapidly increasing day by day. Investing in the Stock market is the thing which can be done by anyone with just some basic knowledge in this market. After understanding the basic idea of Stock market and taking some necessary actions, anyone whether it be a student, housewife, or Businessman. Anyone can invest in the Stock market. After reading this post you will know how ?

The first very things required to get started with the share market are:

  1. Bank account
  2. Demat account
  3. CASBA (CRN number)
  4. Meroshare account
  5. Basic knowledge of stock market

Step 1: Open a bank account:

If you don’t have a bank account, you need to open a  bank account from any bank that you like. While filling the bank account opening form, you will need your citizenship or license(any one), pp size photo, your guardian citizenship (in case you don’t have a citizenship, If you are minor, You need to take your guardian too) and some bank may also ask for electricity bill. If you already have a bank account, no need to open new one. Make sure you have deposited some money in your bank account.

Step 2: Open a demat account, CRN number and Meroshare account:

Once your bank account is active, visit your bank and ask them for demat form, CASBA form and meroshare form. Be sure to fill these 3 form correctly and submit them to the bank. Also submit the necessary documents (citizenship or license, your photo) asked by the bank. Make sure to give correct number and email address in the form. Also ask them to check if anything is missing in the form because later it may cause delay in making those accounts.

Step 3: check your email for Demat, CRN and meroshare:

After submitting those 3 forms, your demat account number, CRN number and meroshare username and password should come in your email within 1 week. Usually demat and CRN number comes first and meroshare comes later. Call your respective bank if not received any of these within 1 week.

After your meroshare account is active. Congratulations you are ready to apply for the IPO and enter the primary market of the Nepali stock market. To apply for IPO login to your meroshare and go to my asba option and if there is IPO available you can apply for it. 

Step 4: Research more:

Do the necessary research in the stock market and take necessary actions when needed. If you want to do good in this field you need to be updated.


Thank you for reading this post till the end. Also check out our website for other information related to stock market and feel free to comment and share your views.



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