Top 5 Ways To earn Money Online In 2021

Main reason for us to earn money online is covid-19. Due covid-19 many of us have lost our jobs and are in home without any earning and jobs. We have skills and we are unable to put it into work. Many of us wonder how to work online and  I am going to give you 5 ways you can start earning money.

Every person have his or her own talent and every one is different in their own way. There are thousand of way you can put your ability into to earn money online.

Following are the ways to earn money online:

1. Blogging:

Just like me you all can start blogging. Just in few simple steps you can get started with creating a website and start your journey.

Get a free domain

Get a free Hosting

For blogging you don’t need any trainings or any things. Start writing articles, and contents on what you are good at and you are ready to go. The more you write the more you learn and the more you progress. For you to earn form blogging you need to serve ads on your sites. If you got local adverts then good but most of us are dependent on AdSense. So to learn more about AdSense Approval here: AdSense Approval

2. YouTube:

YouTube is another platform by google and you can pretty much earn similarly as blogging but you need to create videos here. You can create video on any subject matter as long as it doesn’t violate googles content policy. You can upload videos on your own specific category and upload it on YouTube. After you pass 1k subscribers an 4000 hours of watch time you will be eligible to monetize your YouTube contents.

After you reach 1k subs and 400 hours of watch time before applying for monetization you should use id which have not been involved in any google suspicious activity.

3. Freelancing:

Freelancing is a job or work you do and get paid but not on monthly basis. Here you work and the more complex the task is the more you can earn. For example: You work as an web designer in a certain company and you are paid on monthly basis. But as a freelance you can earn more that that as a fixed job but you might not get work sometimes.

There are various sites which gives work for freelancers. Upwork, FlexJobs, SolidGigs, Fiver, etc. are some of the sites that provide you works as freelancers. You have to have a strong portfolio for getting job as an freelancer.

4. Service Sellers:

Service Sellers are those who gives services to other people. But for this investment is most in some cases. For example: If a person wants to boost his content on Facebook and he/she doesn’t have means to boost you provide him that service charging your service charge.

Many people work as digital materials sellers such as topup for games, games key, programs key, etc. You can get started and earn money in this way too.

5. Become an influencer:

The trend of being influencer is on high demand in this period and many people using TikTok are being viral and getting out as social influencer from that platform. Social influencers are paid for sponsored post contents. Technically you are celeb at that point and it takes time. Some get to that point on night fall, and for some it takes even years. But if you have time and another source of earning you can give it a try.



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