How to fix screen capture and display capture black screen on NVidia graphic laptop

All content creators or streamers using laptop with dedicated graphic card from NVidia is having a problem of black screen on any obs studio. it is because the laptops display and obs are using different graphic cards for operation. This is causing a big problem among streamers and content creators. There is various way to […]

Everything You need to know about VPN

VPN is  virtual private network. It is used for hide our presence in the internet accessing or surfing the web. VPN changes our location while surfing web virtually. It is generally used to access restricted content on our region. VPN is widely use so that the web we are accessing is loaded fast. How does […]

Getting started with WordPress for beginners in 2020

WordPress is the most popular  platform for publishing your blog and website. Getting started with WordPress is very easy. It can be directly be hosted on your server with database or you can get it from as you like. We prefer to host WordPress on our own server or hosting we buy. To get […]